Player Code of Conduct

New York Fusion Soccer Club expects its players to respect and abide by the Player Code of Conduct.  Serious, persistent or flagrant disregard for the Player Code may result in a player incurring reduced playing time, being suspended for a specific number of games, or, in extreme cases, being asked to leave New York Fusion Soccer Club. Players must agree to the following:

  • I will attend all training sessions, games, scrimmages and tournaments as scheduled
  • I will be on time ready to play or practice when practice is due to start
  • I will notify coaches and/or managers ahead of time when I cannot attend a practice or game
  • I will only wear the Club approved training or uniform kits to all practices and games
  • I will show proper respect towards coaches, trainers, managers, teammates and officials of the Team/Club at all times
  • I will afford the same courtesy to opposing players and parents, as well as to referees and their assistants that I do to club officials and parents
  • I will not use foul or derogatory language to my teammates, opponents, coaches, referees or other people associated with a game or practice
  • I will neatly place my bags, water bottles, etc., at the designated areas prior to the start of training or games. This is my responsibility, not my parent’s or the club’s responsibility
  • I will be with the team exclusively from the start of warm-up to the end of cool-down. I will return to my parents after the coach has said that training or games have finished
  • I will do my best not to respond to intimidation by opponents or actions by the referee or other people related to the game, knowing that an outburst or lack of control could lead to me letting down myself, my team and the club
  • I will set a positive example for my teammates, other club members and opponents by upholding and keeping to the player code of conduct

Players assert that they understand and agree to this Player Code of Conduct Agreement and the obligations as a player at New York Fusion Soccer Club for the 2017-18 season.