Parent Code of Conduct

New York Fusion Soccer Club expects its parents to respect and abide by the Club’s Parent Code of Conduct. The NYFSC Parent Code of Conduct recognizes the significant benefits of parental support in youth sports while reminding all involved that the practices and games are for the benefit and development of the players. This should be kept in perspective for all involved. Serious, persistent or flagrant disregard of the Parent Code of Conduct may result in a parent being asked to leave a game, refrain from attending games, or, in extreme cases, in the suspension of the parent or parent’s child from New York Fusion Soccer Club. Parents must acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • I will set a good example for the children by being positive towards them, opponents, coaches, and officials at all training sessions and games
  • I will not engage in coaching from the sidelines, berate or call instructions to players during games or practices
  • I will not address referees and/or their assistants, before, during or after games
  • I will leave the coaching of the team to the coaches and I will not interfere with the coaches during practices or games
  • I will notify coaches and/or managers as soon as possible when my child cannot attend a scheduled practice, game or club event
  • I will set a time to speak with the Coach, Director of Player Development, and/or Team Representatives to discuss personal issues. Discussions of this nature must take place away from the immediate vicinity of game venues, training locations, and other players
  • I will get my child/children to training, to games and to Team/Club events at or before the designated arrival time. Repeated tardiness and absences WILL result in reduced playing time
  • I agree to pay the Club all fees associated with participation

Parents assert that they understand, acknowledge and agree to all the PARENT CODE OF CONDUCT obligations as a parent/Guardian of a New York Fusion Soccer Club player for the 2017 -18 season.