At New York Fusion Soccer Club, we believe that soccer can be a big influence in the development and education of an individual. By coaching and developing players in a system that enables our players to make smart decisions, to be responsible, and teaches them how to be a valued member of a team, we can help kids:

  • be independent
  • be responsible
  • take care of themselves
  • believe in their possibilities
  • excercise self-discipline

Our program seeks to produce complete players who are also healthy human beings. Hopefully some may go on top play college or professional soccer. Should that happen, we hope that they will be well prepared for the experience.  And, if they stop playing, we will have helped develop a person who is better equipped, willing and able to continue life successfully outside the sphere of soccer.

The goals sought in teaching and developing youth through sport, specifically in soccer, are:

  1. The development of age appropriate organic and muscle capacities
  2. The perfecting of skills and motor dexterity to solve the different situations that arise in soccer
  3. Playing by the basic rules and relating to participants in soccer as a metaphor for adult life
  4. To fulfill themselves, gain confidence in themselves beyond their sports activity, and to properly fit into society.

We offer:

Travel Soccer

New York Fusion Soccer Club’s travel program is designed to develop complete players through a progressive skills training platform that prepares players to play and compete at the highest level. We aim to provide players with a path to playing competitive soccer while staying within the club. Each player in the program will master the skills required to play our system, including passing, ball control, possession, attacking, defending and most importantly the style, movements and philosophy based on “total fubol.”

We value very highly each and every player’s commitment and dedication to playing together as ONE UNIT and ONE TEAM with RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER as well as the COMPETITION. Players in the the Travel Teams will represent the club in local, regional and national tournaments. For more on New York Fusion Soccer Club’s Travel Program…

Skills Clinics, Camps & Mini-Camps

The foundation for player development is built in NYFSC Skills Clinics, Mini-Camps and Camps. The clinics and camps are customized based on age and player level.  They apply to all player levels and emphasize the first three development objectives with a focus on muscle development and technical football skills.

Depending on age and the evolutionary development of the child, the focus will be different. The development process is divided into three stages, and preceded by a pre-development stage, all based on age. For more on New York Fusion Soccer Club’s Skills Clinics, Mini-Camps and Camps…

Schools & Recreation Programs

Our School and Recreation Programs emphasize health, skill development and the enjoyment of sport. As we know that participation in sport is an important aspect to a child’s development, our School Program offers a private option for children that are not currently receiving adequate services already.  The focus of the program is on building social skills, fitness, friendships, team development and more.

We offer fun, technical based sessions designed to give players of all ages and abilities the opportunity to experience a positive soccer adventure. For more on New York Fusion Soccer Club’sSchools and Recreation Programs…