Player Session:
“Becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor” Workshop

NYFSC players will attend a workshop where they, as student-athletes, will define what it means to be a “Triple-Impact Competitor” in terms of three important relationships:

  • the athlete’s relationship with himself
  • with her teammates
  • and with his sport

Most importantly, the workshop also introduces tools that can be used to help one’s self become a “competitor”.

Date: December 15th, 2015
Time: 6pm-7.15pm
Location: PS166 132 W89th street in the Auditorium

What people are saying about Positive Coaching Alliance workshops:

“The best part of the Student Athlete workshop was the self reflection on whether they were participants or competitors. The students had to think seriously about their own goals for playing a sport. The discussion of the scenarios was stimulating. Also having the students see that there is another way to be coached (“Double Goal way”) and a different to view to “winning”. I made sure that they understood that if the coaches were not striving to create a PCA culture then I wanted to know. I also emphasized that this is a learning process and that mistakes will be made but “effort” toward the goal is what is important.”

–Ted Gott, A.D., Southern High School, Harwood Maryland

“…the Alliance has allowed us as a school to think about issues of integrity and good conduct throughout our community and beyond athletics. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard reference to our Alliance partnership in student, department, and faculty meetings. It has changed our entire community.”

–Bodie Brizendine, Head of School, Marin Academy, San Rafael, CA

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Parent Session:

“Developing Winners in Life Through Sports” Workshop

All NYFSC parents are invited for a workshop where parents will…

  • Learn how to help their children get the most from the youth sports experience
  • Learn how to help coaches and league leaders establish and maintain a positive competitive environment inside youth sports

Enjoy an interactive discussion with fellow parents and a facilitator with extensive coaching experience

Date: December 15th, 2015
Time: 6pm-7.15pm
Location: PS166 132 W89th street in the Auditorium

What Coaches and Parents are saying about Positive Coaching workshops:

“I’ve now been to 4 or 5 workshops, but once again I walked out with a very specific approach I committed to using with my own kids (“you’re the kind of kid who….”).  Each time I do a PCA workshop, a different example or strategy seems particularly relevant given what’s going on for my kids.  And not just in sports, but in their lives.  We all want to be the best parent we can be, but the pressures of life don’t always let us interact with our kids the way we want to.  The “half life” of effective parenting strategies can be distressingly short.  It’s always great to get a reminder, and make a commitment to focus on one or two strategies that will be so helpful for my kids, and my relationship with them.”
Steve Zuckerman, Parent, Mid-Peninsula Strikers Football Club

“It’s probably the best thing I’ve come across in terms of sports and perspective.”
–Sports Parent, Stuart Hall for Boys