Karamo Diaby played on the New York Fusion U18 in Fall/Winter 2014 and Spring 2015.  Karamo has just started his freshman year at Binghamton University.  His hard work has paid off and he started for the Division 1 Binghamton University Bearcats in their first game this season.  So far Binghamton is 1 and 1 with their first win of the season over Ohio State University.   In a note to coach Matt, Karamo commented on his time at Fusion saying:

“Never have I seen a coaching staff dedicated to its organization and its players like the coaches at Fusion. There, I have learned how to enjoy the beautiful game and how to respect the privilege of being in a team. Playing for Fusion, especially during this summer, played a big role in me making it on to the Binghamton Men’s soccer team All I can say is work hard and remember where you start in life doesn’t matter, it’s where you end up that matters.”

We are happy for Karamo and look forward to his team’s results.  We are also watching a number of former players playing college soccer and are happy tp post stories here on them.  Please send stories on former Fusion players to info@newyorkfsc.com.