On Thursday November 26th, New York Fusion Soccer Club celebrated Thanksgiving with its Annual Turkey Bowl at Riverside Park on the Upper West Side.  The Turkey Bowl has become a tradition where all club members, coaches and parents are invited to come together to share the beautiful game.

At Fusion we play a number of celebratory games during the year where we have players form various teams and ages scrimmage with the parents and coaches. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to observe and reflect on the progress made.  This year was no exception.  As a parent who loves the game, it has been my thrill and a very rewarding privilege to take the field with my kids in a game.  Giving them the ability to play at a higher level and seeing them have fun while learning the game is reward enough.  But then actually being a part of the game and realizing that they are pushing you to another level and seeing the efforts pay off first hand is something you get to see up close on days like our Turkey Bowl. Not only is it a privilege for me to play with my children and the other members of New York Fusion, it is very rewarding to see parents get the same pleasure and to share their pride while playing with their kids. Its especially good to see players who came to Fusion a few years ago with limited skills, now playing with young men and adults and holding their own.

As President of New York Fusion, and I am sure it is the same for our Executive Director, Adam Perez, and for our parents, I watch and marvel as our various teams blend and play together as if they have always been on the same team.  Younger kids look up to the older ones and get to play with them and the older ones know how to manage their game depending on who challenges them in the game situation. As a club we are very much in tune with our members learning life lessons from the beautiful game and learning about responsibility and accountability, and what it means to be on a team and part of a community.  Our Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl 2015 did not disappoint – there were lots of smiles, good football and a great workout on a beautiful late fall day.  I highly recommend parents come to the next game whether they play or not.

This year has been a good year for New York Fusion.  We added two girl’s teams this fall and we are delighted to share that this year we added to our list of New York Fusion players that are playing college soccer with a D1 player and a few more D3 players. It was a pleasure to welcome back to the Turkey Bowl some New York Fusion Alumni including Matteo form New Hampshire, Alonso, Jason, Louis and one of our new D3 college players, Ornette Sanchez.

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, thanks to all at Fusion for contributing to our beautiful game and a special thanks to those that came out to share and celebrate our community on Thanksgiving at the 2015 New York Fusion Turkey Bowl.